Ffyona Campbell's

very special


Heavenly experiences on earth and shore

Devon, UK

Half-day Wild Food Walks

on Dartmoor and the South Devon coast

from February to November

at affordable prices

Going out to local wild places to hunt for delicacies is a time honoured way to spend happy days in Nature. As a family outing, everyone's skills are needed and everyone has something special to contribute to the adventure.

Wild foods are very rich, their amazing flavours delight the taste buds while deeply satisfying the appetite so you don't need much to fill you up. Their vitamin and mineral content is far higher than even organically grown produce and so the whole experience lifts our spirits in ways that nothing else can, giving us a feeling of joy rarely experienced in modern life. 

But, unless you were lucky enough to learn from someone, the journey of working out which plants are edible and which are poisonous can be fraught with as many unpleasant experiences as exquisite and mistakes can be fatal or cause permanent disability. Learning from photographs in a book is not ideal because when starting out you need all your senses to make a positive identification, understanding the plant in all it's possible guises and affected by various weathers. So, it's important to learn right, first time.

That's where these walks come in, teaching you carefully at every step, making sure you know all the points to look for and that you know if there's something poisonous it can be confused with. You'll also learn easy ways to add wild foods to your everyday cooking and how this work fits us perfectly into Nature's rhythms.

There's no need to worry about remembering it all, an information booklet is included in the price covering everything we see on the day.

For dates, descriptions and prices of each walk, please click on the WILD FOOD WALKS tab at the top of the page, then make your booking on the CONTACT FORM.

I can create special walks for private groups, corporate events, hen parties etc. at rates to be discussed. I also give talks about my work and my books.


I learned from Australian Aborigines, African Bushmen, Pygmies and North American Indians while I was walking around the world. When I got back to Britain, I applied their logic to the landscape here in order to find wild food.

After doing this for 10 years, I realised I'd discovered a natural annual migration route that fits us humans perfectly into the eco-system. The logic of it enables us to easily wild food when and where we need it, all year round and without destroying anything at all.

Nobody else has worked out this logic or the route it applies to - possibly because it took "wild woman thinking" to make the connections!

As I worked it out, I realised that hunting & gathering isn't about survival at all, it's about absolute freedom. It means we can ALL eat the very best foods in our country and as we do so, we start to use the parts of our brain that have been blocked by 4,000 years of progress and development - the separation from Nature and from the way of life we must have loved so much.

I think of this knowledge as our birthright and our future and so I keep my prices affordable to all. My aim is to teach as many people as I can so that it will spread out as far as it will go.

I've written a book about my discoveries: THE HUNTER-GATHERER WAY, and reading it before coming on a walk will greatly enhance and deepen your experience. For more information or to order it, please click on the BOOKS tab at the top of the page. It's also available as a Kindle version through Amazon.

I hope you can come on a Wild Food Walk with me soon and step into the wonderland that Nature has waiting for you.

                                                                                   Ffyona Campbell

EMAIL: wildfoodwalks@btinternet.com
FACEBOOK: The Hunter-Gatherer Way by Ffyona Campbell