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the hunter-gatherer way


Devon, UK




The knowledge of how to find and gather wild food all year

 is the key to freedom.


We don't have to dig or prepare the soil, we don't have to sow or weed

or watch slugs eat all our produce.

We just have to watch Mother Nature do all the work and then, when it's

ready, all we have to do is to gather it.


But, the journey to learn these plants is fraught with poisonous

look-a-likes that can burn, permanently scar, 

asphyxiate, destroy organs, induce coma, or kill.


That's where I can help.







On south Dartmoor and the south Devon coast over a distance of approximately 1 mile, 

carefully teaching you what you can eat in each season.


Over the last 13 years I have discovered that the secret to tapping 

into our natural abilities to identify wild foods is to use methods I learned from hunter-gatherers.


This unique way of teaching heightens your observational skills so

 that all of your latent senses become activated to make

detailed observations for you.


If you want to learn learn right, first time, learn the way you're designed to learn, 

in the hunter-gatherer way. 


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Example page from the Spring Wild Food Identification Booklet


So that you don't have to take notes or photographs as well as listen, each

walk comes with a free colour illustrated booklet of all that we find. It

will remind you of where that plant can be found, it's defining

characteristics and how it can be used.






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I will email you back with the availability and ask for a £20 deposit per

person via Paypal to secure your place. You can also pay by cheque.


If you need to cancel or re-arrange please give me at least 24 hours

 notice or else the deposit will be lost, no exceptions.





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Wild Food Walk, 

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While I was walking around the world, I saw that the hunter-gatherers I met seemed to have a much higher

quality of life than Western people. So, after the walk had finished, I went to live with the Australian

Aborigines and very quickly I discovered that my hunch was right. 


I realised that I had found what the West is always looking for but can never find.


I returned to Britain to become a hunter-gatherer in my own country. I began by using the hunter-gatherer

logic I'd learned and applying it to the landscape here to see if it would work. After doing this for many

years, I realised it had revealed our long forgotten annual migration route which fits us perfectly into the

eco-system and which enables us to easily find an abundance of wild food all year round. It also leads us to

a life that makes perfect sense on so many levels so that it satisfies where nothing else can.


Nobody else has figured out this ancient route, possibly because it took a bit of female logic to put it all

together (rather than take it all apart) in order to understand it.


As I worked it out, I realised that hunting and gathering isn't about survival at all: it's about absolute

freedom. It's the only way of life that enables all of us, not just the very wealthy, to eat the best foods in our

country. And, as we do so, we play our part so that even more wild food grows back. It means that if we are

all gathering wild food there will be twice as much.


Hunting for and gathering wild food is not only rewarding on a physical level, providing the body with

exactly what it needs for each season, but it also requires us to use parts of our brain that have been blocked 

by 4,000 years of separation from Nature. 


It's no wonder then that when I started taking people out with me and teaching them what I had discovered,

they reported feelings of deep delight and purpose they'd never experienced in modern life.


I think of this hunter-gatherer knowledge as our birthright and our future and so I try to keep my prices

affordable to all whilst also being able to make ends meet. My aim is to teach as many people as I can so

that this knoweldge can spread out as far as it will go.


Inorder to meet the challenges of the future I don't believe we need oil or gas or metal we just need to know that we belong

here and how we play our part in Nature.



THE HUNTER-GATHERER WAY Putting Back the Apple 




I've written a book about my discoveries and reading it before coming on a walk will greatly enhance and deepen your experience on the day.

It has reached over 17 countries so far with amazing reviews, some of which I have posted on the

REVIEWS tab found at the top of this page.

You can order a copy under the BOOKS tab.




I give talks about my discoveries, they are very popular with people who are interested in learning how to

deepen their connection with Nature and who want to find a way through the maze of ideas about how to

live sustainably.

The hunter-gatherer way is the only way of life that's been proven to work, on all levels, and for all time;

and it's surprisingly easy to adopt large aspects of it in modern day life.


For rates, please email me with the size of your group and it's location.


"I really appreciated your talk. It was a great atmosphere. Having read your book it was a bit like seeing a

band whose album you know really well, live for the first time!" Hal Gillmore


"It was a special evening indeed....your smile lights up an uncertain world." Gill Smith





As well as the blog on this site, there is also a Facebook page where I share some of my observations and

adventures throughout the year, it's called The Hunter-Gatherer Way by Ffyona Campbell.


Read the book or come on a WILD FOOD WALK with me and step into the world that Nature has

waiting for you.


You'll be amazed at how perfectly you fit in. 


                                                                                                                            Ffyona Campbell