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On my half day courses or my course of 10 week-ends

I can teach you how to correctly identify the wild food

from the poisonous by showing you them side-by-side

and running through all the failsafe characteristics to look for

and simple ways of how to remember 

them so you don't make mistakes.


I was taught by Aborigines, Bushmen, Pygmies

and a great outdoorsman

and I have applied myself daily for the last 15 years

to the task of learning the wild foods of Britain.


I've done the hard work for you, so if you want to learn right, first time,

then lay down your books, 

 leave your frustrations behind and step out into the wild with me 

and let me be your guide for a life-time of adventure.








To introduce you to some of the plants of each season,

I take you on a slow walk in a south Devon village or by the sea or along the river.

I teach you the edible next to the poisonous look-a-likes.

We taste, touch, smell and observe each edible plant carefully

and then you have a look for them and I check them.


You take home a portion of wild food to eat in a salad, pesto or soup.

And you take home a colour illustrated booklet of all that we find

so that you don't have to make notes or take photographs.



Example page from the Spring Wild Food Identification Booklet




Each half-day walk costs £35 per adult and £17.50 per child between the age of 11 and 18.

The walks are not suitable for younger children.

There is a 10% discount for group bookings of 5 or more adults if all paying together.




Please click on the DATES tab in the menu.





Email me on wildfoodwalks55@gmail.com with the

date you'd like and the number of people.


I will email you back with the availability and ask for the full payment 

via Paypal to secure your place. You can also pay by cheque.


If you need to cancel or re-arrange please give me at least 48 hours

 notice for a 50% refund.





Gift vouchers are a great way of giving the gift of a 

Wild Food Walk, 

allowing the recipient to choose any walk and they are valid for 1 year. 

To order one just go to the BOOKS tab at the top

and scroll down to the bottom of the page or email me. 









If you're really determined to learn these plants,

investing in this intensive course teaches you in depth and with constant repetition over 10 week-ends,

one week-end a month from February to November. 


It will give you the confidence to gather wild food in your area all year round and in so doing to discover a world around

you that comes alive, enchants you, feeds you, inspires you and gives the rest of your life an abundance of adventures that cost

nothing yet feel like they're made of pure gold.


It will give you a wealth of knowledge to keep practising so that you can become a wild food teacher yourself.


This is not a survival course. I believe that people learn best when they are comfortable and well fed.

You will be taught in an atmosphere of support and encouragement with ongoing back-up throughout the month.

In this way you will feel your confidence growing so that

it becomes second nature to you to go out on your own and select the plants that are good to eat.


You arrive on Friday evening and stay until tea-time on Sunday.

The group is about 12 in total, often 6 men and 6 women.


You stay together in bunkhouses during the colder months and camp together in the summer

with the teaching done in a beautiful bell tent warmed by a wood burning stove.


You eat delicious meals that I cook and then teach you how to prepare

using the wild foods we have gathered.


We follow our ancient hunter-gatherer migration route which I discovered

through years of work piecing together my experiences of eating wild food.


There is a strong emphasis on teaching you so that you can teach others.

As places are limited and there has been a very high demand for this course,

you will be asked to complete an application form as part of a selection process.


Please email me on wildfoodwalks55@gmail.com for more information.


TESTIMONIALS from course participants in 2017

“Ffyona Campbell's Year Long Wild Food course has changed and enriched my life in ways I cannot describe. She is a powerful mentor teaching the old ways of our ancestors. The course is full of surprises and is paved with endless magic all the way through, which, after 7 years of learning bushcraft, is the one subject that now tantalises me most!” Johnny Tidd

“Every time I see a waxing moon I think of the many happy hours spent with Ffyona and my fellow 'hunter-gatherers in training'. Ffyona's course is an extremely enriching experience. A rare opportunity to deeply immerse yourself in the gifts of nature through the changing seasons. You will come away with a knowledge and understanding of how to gather and prepare wild greens, roots, nuts, berries, fruits, seaweeds and mushrooms. And you will never be the same again.....” Ben West

“Thank you for re-introducing me to the wonders of the natural world. This has been a life changing course that has started my own journey to self-discovery. This course enabled me to tap into inner strengths I never knew existed. I can feel the wildness re-awaken my soul.” Lowrian Williams

 “A completely life-changing experience. Learning with Ffyona takes you on a wonder-filled journey back to our rightful, wild home. Thank you for everything, it means more than I can ever put into words.” Tamara Colechester

“Ffyona’s course has had an enormous impact on me. Ffyona has awakened my senses to the spectacular beauty and abundance. I feel truly privileged to have shared this experience with such a wonderful group of people over ten weekends of this year. I will never forget my 50th year now!” Bernadette Thomas

“A magical journey through the seasons and Mother Nature’s generous bounty, each season holding a myriad of tasty and nutritious delights. A way of connection and finding our true place in nature. I have met so many plant allies and through Ffyona's teaching style I feel confident in my identification of them and where to look, not only that but I have gained a hunter-gatherer tribe with whom I shared the journey. A truly wonderful year.” Olivia Goodman

“Ffyona's year long course is a joy. Every month I looked forward to reconnecting with some amazing and interesting people, discovering a new place in Devon to fall in love with, and building on a magical connection with nature that will stay with me forever.” Amanda Holden

“Following Ffyona through the Ring of the Wild Food Year was a transformational experience. My relationship with the food on my plate and to the wild plants and the land they grow in will never be the same. I see both their world and mine very differently now. Thank you so much.”  Jenny Chapman




Investment in this course includes all meals and accommondation, it can be paid in one sum of £2,500

or over 10 instalments of £2,600. 



DATES 2018 


2,3,4 March

30,31,1 March/April

27,28,29 April

25,26,27 May

29,30,1 June/July

27,28,29 July

24,25,26 August

21,22,23 September

19,20,21 October

23,24,25 November





While I was walking around the world, I noticed that the hunter-gatherers I met seemed to have a much higher

quality of life than most Western people. So, after the walk had finished, I went to live with the Australian

Aborigines and very quickly I discovered that my hunch was right. 


I realised that I had found what the West is always looking for but can never find.


I returned to Britain to become a hunter-gatherer in my own country. I began by using the hunter-gatherer

logic I'd learned and applied it to the landscape here to see if it would work. After doing this for many

years, I realised it had revealed our long forgotten annual migration route which fits us perfectly into the

eco-system and which enables us to easily find an abundance of wild food all year round. It also leads us to

a life that makes perfect sense on so many levels because it satisfies where nothing else can.


Nobody else has figured out this ancient route, possibly because it took a bit of female logic to put it all

together (rather than take it all apart) in order to notice it!


As I worked it out, I realised that hunting and gathering isn't about survival at all: it's about absolute

freedom. It's the only way of life that enables all of us, not just the very wealthy, to eat the best foods in our

country. And, as we do so, we play our part so that even more wild food grows back. It means that if we are

all gathering wild food there will be twice as much.


Hunting for and gathering wild food is not only rewarding on a physical level, providing the body with

exactly what it needs for each season, but it also requires us to use parts of our brain that have been blocked 

by 4,000 years of separation from Nature. 


It's no wonder then that when I started taking people out with me and teaching them what I had discovered,

they reported feelings of deep delight and purpose they'd never experienced in modern life.


Inorder to meet the challenges of the future I don't believe we need oil or gas or metal we just need to know 

that we belong here and how we can play our part in Nature.





THE HUNTER-GATHERER WAY Putting Back the Apple 




This book has reached over 17 countries so far with some amazing reviews, a few of which I have posted on the

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I give talks about my discoveries, they are very popular with people who are interested in learning how to

deepen their connection with Nature and who want to find a way through the maze of ideas about how to

live sustainably.

The hunter-gatherer way is the only way of life that's been proven to work, on all levels, and for all time;

and it's surprisingly easy to adopt large aspects of it in modern day life.


For rates, please email me with the size of your group and it's location.


"I really appreciated your talk. It was a great atmosphere. Having read your book it was a bit like seeing a

band whose album you know really well, live for the first time!" Hal Gillmore


"It was a special evening indeed....your smile lights up an uncertain world." Gill Smith





As well as the blog on this site, there is also a Facebook page where I share some of my observations and

adventures throughout the year, it's called The Hunter-Gatherer Way by Ffyona Campbell.


Read the book or come on a WILD FOOD WALK with me soon and step into the world that Nature has

waiting for you.


You'll be amazed at how perfectly you fit in. 


                                                                                                                            Ffyona Campbell