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On Foot Through Africa, HARDBACK

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On 2 April 1991, 24 year old Ffyona Campbell waved goodbye to the cheering crowds in Cape Town and started walking north. Ahead lay 10.000 miles of some of the harshest, loneliest, most inhospitable wilderness on earth. Walking for over thirty miles a day for two years, she traversed both jungle and desert, and once, a 400 mile wide minefield - encountering bush fires, rogue lions, poachers, bandits, pygmies and cannibals along the way. Until finally, on 1 September 1993, she arrived in Morocco and ran headlong into the Mediterranean, her arm raised high in a gesture of triumph that was captured on front pages around the world. This is her gripping account of her extraordinary journey, Illustrated with breathtaking photographs of Africa at it's most awesome, it is a story of high adventure, personal discovery and deep concern for the future of a beautiful, yet terrifying, landscape.

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3 - 3 of 12 results