The Hunter-Gatherer Way, Paperback

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While hunting with the Aborigines, the author learns how to think like a hunter-gatherer. She returns to Britain to work out how to find wild food here but when her food supply runs out and she's faced with going back to the supermarket, she makes an extraordinary series of discoveries: how to navigate thorugh the seasons using a forgotten kind of logic. On this path, we all ate like kings: dining on lobster and caviar, truffles and wild honey, and we lived like kings too, without destroying anything at all. Determined to find out what happened to make us forget, she finds answers in the unsolved mysteries of our past and cuts cleanly through 4,000 years of progress and development to reveal exactly what happened to separate us from the way of life we must have loved so much. Because, hunting and gathering isn't about survival, it's about our absolute freedom.

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