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Do you want to learn about wild food, play your part in re-wilding Britain and understand what's really going on behind climate change, but can't get to Devon?

Then this distance learning course is for you.


Every month you'll receive:


* An on-line video, and a colour illustrated booklet, of how to identify, use and correctly gather 10 new edible wild plants, so that they multiply in your wake

It's going to take everyone of us to re-wild Britain, because the more wild food we gather, the more grows back. Nature provides a never-ending supply of fresh, delicious and nourishing wild food that requires no pesticides, machinery, oil or electricity.

If we all knew the edible wild plants, and went out tomorrow to gather them for a meal, contrary to popular myth there wouldn't be "none left", there would be twice as much, in about 3 weeks time. Because wild foods grow back more quickly, the more they're picked. 

Learning how to gather wild food all year round, is the simplest thing you can do to increase the supply of food on Earth, as well as feeding yourself the healthiest food on Earth, and without causing any damage to the environment at all.


* How to use an Ordinance Survey Map of your area, to enable you to find wild food at a glance

The biggest problem my students report back to me, is knowing where to look for wild foods. I give you the tools to use OS maps to lead you directly to likely wild food places quickly, saving years of foot work. 


*  A weather forecast for the month ahead; how to predict the weather yourself using the Lunar/Solar calendar; how to understand the climate changes we’re experiencing: what they are actually doing; and

Meteorologists believe the weather is a "chaotic" system i.e. one that makes no sense, and so they don't believe it can be predicted more than 10 days in advance.

I disagree. If you know how to add the Lunar influence into the weather equation, you'll see that the weather actually works like clock-work.

I've discovered a long forgotten method of using the Sun and the Moon to accurately predict the weather, months, even years ahead of what science is currently capable of doing. 

It means that I understand the logic of what causes the weather and it's not chaotic at all, but systematic. And right now. it is systematically engaged in cooling down the Earth. 

I'll teach you how it works, and what it's for but, be warned: Britain is culturally incapable right now of being anything other than distrustful and highly suspicious of someone who, for example, can predict a frost next Tuesday when it's summer and the Met Office's £48 million supercomputer hasn't mentioned one, and then the frost appears, right on time.

I'll share with you how I've learned to navigate this cultural barrier, where I think it comes from, and how it's stopping us from seeing what's causing global warming and climate change


* 5 Exercises to help you explore the missing dimension of Nature, which leads to instant connection


 Many of my readers and students have observed they wished they could think like me. Which got me thinking, what can I see, that others can't? 

I've been thinking about this for 35 years now, about the difference between the mindset of modern people and the mindset of a hunter-gatherer, and I think I understand it now.

So, I've created a series of directed exercises for you each month, that will show you what to look at, when, and how, so that your mind can start to understand the world of Nature, and how and where we fit into it, for the highest quality of life, without destroying anything at all.

For an appreciation of how effective these directions have been in changing people's perception of Nature, please read the following testimonials:




from people who came on my Year Long Wild Food course in 2017


“A completely life-changing experience. Learning with Ffyona takes you on a wonder-filled journey back to our rightful, wild home. Thank you for everything, it means more than I can ever put into words.” Tamara Colechester


“Ffyona’s course has had an enormous impact on me. Ffyona has awakened my senses to the spectacular beauty and abundance. I feel truly privileged to have shared this experience with such a wonderful group of people over ten weekends of this year. I will never forget my 50th year now!” Bernadette Thomas


“A magical journey through the seasons and Mother Nature’s generous bounty, each season holding a myriad of tasty and nutritious delights. A way of connection and finding our true place in nature. Through Ffyona's teaching style I feel confident in my identification of them and where to look, not only that but I have gained a hunter-gatherer tribe with whom I shared the journey. A truly wonderful year.” Olivia Goodman


“Ffyona's year long course is a joy. Every month I looked forward to reconnecting with some amazing and interesting people, discovering a new place in Devon to fall in love with, and building on a magical connection with nature that will stay with me forever.” Amanda Holden


“Following Ffyona through the Ring of the Wild Food Year was a transformational experience. My relationship with the food on my plate and to the wild plants and the land they grow in will never be the same. I see both their world and mine very differently now. Thank you so much.”  Jenny Chapman


“Thank you for re-introducing me to the wonders of the natural world. This has been a life changing course that has started my own journey to self-discovery. This course enabled me to tap into inner strengths I never knew existed. I can feel the wildness re-awaken my soul.” Lowrian Williams


“Ffyona Campbell's Year Long Wild Food course has changed and enriched my life in ways I cannot describe. She is a powerful mentor teaching the old ways of our ancestors , The course is full of surprises and is paved with endless magic all the way through, which, after 7 years of learning bushcraft, is the one subject that now tantalises me most!” Johnny Tidd


“Every time I see a waxing moon I think of the many happy hours spent with Ffyona and my fellow 'hunter-gatherers in training'. Ffyona's course is an extremely enriching experience. A rare opportunity to deeply immerse yourself in the gifts of nature through the changing seasons. You will come away with a knowledge and understanding of how to gather and prepare wild greens, roots, nuts, berries, fruits, seaweeds and mushrooms. And you will never be the same again.....” Ben West



COST of 12 months,

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Plus 4 places on my Wild Food Day Courses (normally £35 each)





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