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Do you want to make a real difference to future generations in these times of worsening planet-health?

Do you long to immerse yourself in learning more about wild food and how our hunter-gatherers lived when the wild foods run out?

Over 15 years of gathering, I have discovered an annual hunter-gatherer migration route that means the wild food never runs out. 

2019 will be the fourth year that I've taken a group of people with me to experience this route for themselves. 

I call it "The Ring of the Wild Food Year" migration route and I wrote a book about it: The Hunter-Gatherer Way. (To order a copy please go to the BOOKS tab.)

This course takes you on the Ring of the Wild Food Year journey, on 10 week-ends, one a month from February to November, at beautiful locations along the route.

You'll learn at least 150 edible wild plants over the course of the journey: leaves, flowers, berries, nuts, roots, lichens, seaweeds, seashore plants and fungi.

You'll also learn many other skills like how to prepare wild grass seeds to make unleven bread; how to turn seaweeds into a highly effective healing gel; how to use a natural means of keeping cool no matter how hot the day; how to use your peripheral vision to detect movement, and much more.

You'll learn how to read the land where you live in order to find the right places to look for the wild foods when you get home. This knowledge will enable you to piece together the migration route that lies waiting to be discovered in your area for the first time since we we were hunter-gatherers. 

All you need is a river.

Every river has a migration route. Find the river near you and I'll teach you how to find the route. You will have found it for yourself for years of pleasure, and secured it for the generations to come who will need it. I believe this is the single most effective contribution people can make for the future food security of this country.

When you learn to gather in the right way you'll see that every time you pick a plant it grows back twice as thickly. This means you are creating twice as much food for next time. Wild food is the only kind of food which does this, making it the most sustainable food resource on Earth.




On the course you'll be taught in a positive and encouraging atmosphere of comfort and plenty of good food at the end of each day because this is not a survival course. I believe that wild food is not about survival, it's about freedom. And I believe people learn best when they are warm and well fed, not cold and hungry.

It is a rigorous course though, and is only suitable for those who are healthy and well.


In a mixed group of 12 people you'll stay in bunkhouses on our week-ends in February, March, October and November, and make camp in April, May, June, July, August and September, using a beautiful bell tent as the school. We'll go out gathering from there on walks that are not more than 2 miles long.

I find that many people who are drawn to wild foods often enjoy long periods in Nature on their own and have some reservations about what it'll be like to be with so many people each week-end. One of the aspects former students have remarked on most is the unexpected camaraderie of being with a group of like-minded people, perhaps for the first time. 

Your confidence will build, month by month, to reveal what is, in essence, the Holy Grail of Nature. This migration route leads to a continuous and unbroken line of everlasting wild food, and therefore everlasting life for people. Because it is the most powerful route in the land, it is also a deeply enlightening and naturally spiritual experience, and much personal growth takes place within all of us.



Come travel the trail of our hunter-gatherer ancestors for yourself and discover how to tap into your own natural common sense to find it's secrets. You'll be astonished by the pleasures you'll experience when you know you're on the right path. No matter where you are, no matter what time of year it is, once you have the knowledge you will always know how to find an abundance of delicious wild food.

No other wild food course can teach this route, because I was the one who found it.

You'll experience an intensity of magical connections with Nature that don't exist anywhere else and, in the words of one former student, you will never be the same again..  



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from people who came on this course in 2017


“A completely life-changing experience. Learning with Ffyona takes you on a wonder-filled journey back to our rightful, wild home. Thank you for everything, it means more than I can ever put into words.” Tamara Colechester


“Ffyona’s course has had an enormous impact on me. Ffyona has awakened my senses to the spectacular beauty and abundance. I feel truly privileged to have shared this experience with such a wonderful group of people over ten weekends of this year. I will never forget my 50th year now!” Bernadette Thomas


“A magical journey through the seasons and Mother Nature’s generous bounty, each season holding a myriad of tasty and nutritious delights. A way of connection and finding our true place in nature. Through Ffyona's teaching style I feel confident in my identification of them and where to look, not only that but I have gained a hunter-gatherer tribe with whom I shared the journey. A truly wonderful year.” Olivia Goodman


“Ffyona's year long course is a joy. Every month I looked forward to reconnecting with some amazing and interesting people, discovering a new place in Devon to fall in love with, and building on a magical connection with nature that will stay with me forever.” Amanda Holden


“Following Ffyona through the Ring of the Wild Food Year was a transformational experience. My relationship with the food on my plate and to the wild plants and the land they grow in will never be the same. I see both their world and mine very differently now. Thank you so much.”  Jenny Chapman


“Thank you for re-introducing me to the wonders of the natural world. This has been a life changing course that has started my own journey to self-discovery. This course enabled me to tap into inner strengths I never knew existed. I can feel the wildness re-awaken my soul.” Lowrian Williams


“Ffyona Campbell's Year Long Wild Food course has changed and enriched my life in ways I cannot describe. She is a powerful mentor teaching the old ways of our ancestors , The course is full of surprises and is paved with endless magic all the way through, which, after 7 years of learning bushcraft, is the one subject that now tantalises me most!” Johnny Tidd


“Every time I see a waxing moon I think of the many happy hours spent with Ffyona and my fellow 'hunter-gatherers in training'. Ffyona's course is an extremely enriching experience. A rare opportunity to deeply immerse yourself in the gifts of nature through the changing seasons. You will come away with a knowledge and understanding of how to gather and prepare wild greens, roots, nuts, berries, fruits, seaweeds and mushrooms. And you will never be the same again.....” Ben West